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Bluetooth using the gui in Ubuntu

Bluetooth is of course a well-known mechanism for connecting mobile phones and pda’s to computers and laptops. It is low-power, easy to setup, and works out of the box on most systems. Until recently setting up serial over bluetooth in ubuntu/debian wasn’t a trivial task. I was by all means doable, but for many people meant creating and copying, downloading and tailoring some command-line scripts. This difficulty is mostly still noticeable when looking at the sheer amount of blogposts and articles and wiki’s about this setup. The tools are there (bluez has been in development for years) and work great, but setup is not for Joe / Jane Average.

When I revisited using my mobile phone’s GPRS modem on my netbook via bluetooth (an Acer Aspire One, running Ubuntu Intrepid, 8.10), I found hundreds of articles detailing the aforementioned edits… and a couple about achieving the same with a gui. The sysadmin-side of me prefers console solutions as these can be used over ssh (so I can set this up for others), my advocate-, user-and blogging-sides wanted a gui.

I found Blueman ( I first read about it last november (at version 0.6) and was impressed, at time of this writing it is now at 1.02 and working even easier than before, thumbs up!

In this article I’ll have a look at setting up Blueman “the easy ubuntu way”, i.e. mostly from a gui, with package signatures and without using a terminal (I will have to cheat though :-( ).
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Nokia E65 VOIP

I’ve bought a Nokia E65 because I wanted a navigation system (I spend 30 minutes looking for directions in Hilversum, after I found the correct one-way road..) and a TomTom on a phone seemed the best idea. I was up for a phone-subscription renewal anyways and thought that buying a TomTom capable phone would be the cheapest solution. This was not true in the end, but well… I’m happy anyways. The TomTom works and the phone, even though it’s a Nokia, is a nice one.

One of the nice features of this phone is that it’s able to use my XS4ALL VOIP account when I’m connected to a WLAN. This is quite useful, for example for free calls from the wife at home, and being able to be reachable on a dutch number even when I’m in, for example, Germany.

But it has one problem. I’ve selected Internet calling as default and when there is no WLAN in reach, it gives me an annoying message about making a mobile call, but only when I’m voice dialing. And well, I do voice dialing in the car, so I don’t want to have to answer yes every time…

I tried to disable that message with the setting “Internet call alert”, but that has as result that I could not be called on my Internet number. If someone called me, it only said: 1 missed call. Which is quite annoying, if you don’t know what causes it.
Just had to get that off my chest :-)