Monthly Archives: September 2007

WordPress privacy concerns

I was told by a colleague that WordPress was being discussed on the privacy subject. Now I don’t want to go into that discussion, but I encountered a post by Ryan Finnie about $_SERVER variables being send to the Akismet server.

If you plan to use HTTP authentication and use Akismet it’s a wise idea to patch your Akismet with the patch provided Ryan Finnie. This because otherwise your login data is send to the Akismet server every time it checks the comment post. True, having both Akismet and HTTP authentication is a bit strange, but I think it’s better to remove such data then to have it transferred to Akismet.

I hope Matt will accept this bug as being valid.

I also found some other items about the need to send $_SERVER in total. Certinately the enhanced akismet plugin sounds like a good alternative.

svn move multiple directories with confirm

I had to rearrange multiple directories, but not all, in a svn tree to make a project more compatible with Eclipse. For this I used the following one-liner so I could do this more easily.

for file in `find -maxdepth 1 -type d`; do \
echo -n $file "[y/n] "; \
read -n 1 shouldMove ; \
if [ "$shouldMove" == "y" ]; \
then \
svn mv `basename $file` WebContent/`basename $file`; \
fi; \

This way I was sure all directories I wanted to move were moved (since a svn mv does not remove the directory right away, it does that on commit).

I hate blogging already….

So. I was writing a post about some one-liner I wrote to move a lot (but not all) directories in a svn repository to another directory. Because the one-liner was getting lengthy I added slashes to it so it was better readable. But on saving I lost my slashes?!

This seems to be caused by a 2 year old bug in wordpress. I hope that with the fix I posted this bug will be resolved soon. For now I’ll just patch my version of WordPress.